A traditional Chinese medicine system, Acupressure is the technique that combines pressure with fingertips (not needles) on the acupuncture or meridian/energy key points in the body, related to different organs.


The therapy deals with releasing the blocked energy points in


Acupuncture is administered by inserting and manipulating fine needles into various points along meridian lines to stimulate the points. This can relieve pain or be used for other therapeutic purposes, by restoring the balance to the flow of qi (life energy). Acupuncture is based on the belief th

Alexander Technique

A corrective method, Alexander Technique is used for improving coordination, posture and enhances the ability to do complex motor skills. After considerable analysis on individual basis, the instructor provides specialised skills to overcome incorrect movement and posture. It is believed that inc

Allergy Testing

Skin or blood tests to determine the cause of an allergic reaction is termed as Allergy testing. Usually skin tests are done as they are fast, inexpensive and rapid to find a cause or pinpoint an allergen that triggers the allergic reaction.

In skin allergy testing, a small quantity


Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses the extracted essential oils from plants for therapeutic purposes in the form of massage or bath oils, diffusers and candles. The essential oils have a different composition than other oils as the distillation process allows the composition to have

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Acupuncture is the art of stimulating, either by through inserting steel needles or using small electrical charges, the acupuncture points on the outer ear.


These points correspond to all areas of our body. This gentle form of stimulation creates a specific respon

Ayurvedic Medicine

An ancient Indian medicine system, the Ayurvedic medicine system is based on the correct balance of the three doshas or energies that control the body and mind. The three doshas: Vata is connected to the nervous system, Pitta is related to the digestive and metabolic sy

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