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We are currently building a UK network of holistic therapists in a wide range of specialties and our directory will allow customers to search for a therapist or practitioner in your area.

You can also browse our knowledge base of ailments and illnesses which includes information on the natural remedies available.

Holistic Room covers a wide range of different illnesses, injuries or problems – from weight loss to backache – and practitioners cover a wide range of therapies and treatments including:









Alexander Technique              


Herbal healing                        


Flower Remedies                    

Cystal healing

Remedial Massage                 

Deep Tissue Massage


As more and more people become disillusioned with conventional treatments due to pharmaceutical side effects or poor results, the choice of natural therapies continues to grow. In fact there are now so many options that the choice can sometimes seem bewildering – and that’s where we come in.


Find out about your condition and recommended natural remedies
You can find out all about your condition or ailment and then look for practitioners of suggested remedies in your own area. Many people use natural healing remedies alongside conventional treatments with great success but it’s important that you always consult your doctor before replacing any prescribed medication. Each natural therapist on Holistic Room has their own space which they can use to explain their treatment or healing therapy and provide more information about themselves (such as qualifications and opening hours.)


Communicate with Therapists and practitioners
As a member, you can use our online messaging system to ask questions of therapists.  You can also chat to other people through our forums – whether you’d like to speak to someone who has already tried a natural remedy you’re interested in or someone with a similar illness or ailment to your own.

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