Crystal Healing

The science of healing by crystals, by placing them around or on the body is termed as Crystal Healing. According to crystal healers, crystals clear and release negative energy using natural semi precious gemstones. These harmonise the chakras or energy centres in the body to heal and cure diseases. These are known to elevate physical, mental and spiritual healing.


The basic principles of crystal healing are based on the seven chakras or energy centres in the body which correlate with different colours and relate to a variety of different crystals.  During healing, the crystals of the corresponding colours are placed on the related chakras to improve energy flow and balance the chakras. Crystals are also used to cleanse the aura (magnetic field around human body), remove negative energies that are the root cause of diseases.  Crystal healing is also carried out by either wearing crystals as ornaments or placing it next to the ill person.


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