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Your Mind Therapy

I offer Cognitive Behavioural therapy for anxiety and/or depression in my private practice for adults . This uses skills and techniques which help you to learn to manage your anxiety and depression much better . Within this therapy I like to adopt a holistic approach via the integration of looking at health, lifestyle , diet, etc. As it is all interlinked.
Life is complicated, but you can overcome what you are going through. I value your time and honesty in being open to explore your feelings, I know you may be nervous about therapy, but you don’t have to worry as I will see you in my lovely, relaxed therapy room in Quinton . I am more than happy to chat for a free 20 mins consultation to discuss therapy.
I understand how difficult it can be for you to engage in therapy and better your life. However, I have also learnt how giving you time, knowledge, openness to explore what you are going through , where it has come from, in a non-judgmental environment can help you overcome these difficult and confusing feelings and behaviors.If you suffer from issues caused by relationship, work, health, certain negative experiences, childhood , financial or external issues then this can all be discussed and addressed within the therapy of CBT.

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