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I arrived at complementary health care after serious illness, where the doctors gave up on me, and I finally found what I needed with a mixture of Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), The Allergy Antidotes system, Reiki, and the right exercise for me. Then I ramped up my healing journey with a blog that chronicled my self-treatments and treatments by others on me occasionally. And people responded to the posts. And I won an international award for my blog. And many clients, also at their wits' end with the doctors giving up on them, came to me to get better. I am so blessed to have found a way to optimal health.

Optimal health is the best mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health you can heave, given your set of circumstances. For me, I went from bed-bound and crawling to the toilet to a semi-professional sports career. Maybe sports isn't your thing, but I hope to help You do Your Thing.

My values are Joy, Integrity, and Quality. If you like what you see, get in touch. Let's see you do your thing the way you want to.

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