• Bee Breath

    Humming Bee Breath to Relax

    We love quick and simple practices that help to de-stress and that actually work! So today we’re sharing the Bee Breath which is our new favourite technique that helps you withdraw from your senses and quickly helps soothe the body and mind. It’s known as the Humming Bee Breath Technique, but its actual name is Bhramari Pranayama. Bhramari is a Sanskrit word derived from bhramara, which means “a large black bee”. But fear not, there certainly won’t be any stings with this technique! The benefits of Bee Breath? When you withdraw from your senses and create sound and vibration, it helps to focus your attention inwards and soothes the tired,…

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  • How Does Gut Health Affect Us?

    How Does Gut Health Affect Us?

    We’re always harping on about gut health here at Holistic Room because it affects pretty much every part of us. It affects how we feel, how we deal with stress, how we utilise nutrients, how well we sleep, the strength of our immune system, the health of our skin, the speed of our metabolism and so much more. In fact, there’s probably very little that the gut microbiome isn’t involved in. Our brain and body cannot exist without constant signals coming from the microbes in our gut. It’s a bustling, complex community that holds the key to both good and poor health. How many critters do we have? The exact…

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  • power of beliefs - can

    The Power of Beliefs

    Would you expect anything to manifest in your life that you didn’t believe was possible? Probably not. Our life continually shows us what our underlying beliefs are about ourselves and the world, good or bad. It takes a level of awareness to see that you in fact are creating undesirable things in your life. It also takes attention, focus and determination to change underlying and often subconscious beliefs to experience more peace, ease and positive experiences. This is not to say that unexpected things happen, both good and bad that we have no control over. But it is more than possible to change how we feel and how we experience…

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  • vagus nerve exercises

    Vagus Nerve Exercises for Quick Stress Relief

    You don’t need to meditate for hours every day for months on end to experience stress and anxiety relief. The vagus nerve could hold the potential to turn a body in a “fight or flight” mode or chronic stress to one of ease and calm quicker and easier than you think.   The Complex Vagus Nerve The vagus nerve, also known as the tenth cranial nerve, is the longest and one of the major nerves in the human body. It is a paired nerve, meaning that there is one on each side of the body, and it extends from the brainstem to various organs in the chest and abdomen, so…

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  • dandelion-seeds-hay-fever

    Natural Health Remedies for Hay Fever Season

    For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, hay fever season is fast approaching, and for some has already arrived. If you suffer with allergies in the summer months, you may well dread the onset of the tiresome symptoms that come along with hay fever. Natural remedies can help with easing symptoms as well as being gentle on the body. If you want to delve into natural remedies that may help with seasonal allergies, then this blog post if for you! ⁠ Herbs and Supplements Here are some herbs and supplements to consider if you are suffering with hay fever.⁠ ⁠ 1. Quercetin is a natural plant compound with…

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  • Mushrooms mix

    Mushrooms – The Superfood you Didn’t Know you Needed

    Mushrooms and the world of fungi can be an overlooked area when it comes to wanting to add healthy and nutritious food into our diet. Yet they are packed full of goodness and are extremely versatile to cook with. It doesn’t take too much imagination to find ways of adding these little toadstools into your diet.   What’s the scoop with mushrooms? First off, mushrooms are a highly nutrient dense food that are also low in calories, double win! They are also an excellent source of protein, fibre, vitamins such as vitamin D and B vitamins, and minerals such as selenium and potassium. In addition to their impressive nutrient profile,…

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  • Breath work

    The Power of Breath Work

    There are many different types of breath work for healing, and we’ll be discussing the most popular ones in this blog post. The main benefits of breath work are healing trauma that has become stuck in the body and which has manifested in both emotional and physical conditions. Breath work helps by putting the brakes on the stress response and switching to an optimal state that allows for health, healing and rejuvenation. We spend a lot of our time in either low grade on-going stress or more acute stressful periods which throw our nervous system out of whack and cause a wide array of problems. Stress can be a cause…

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  • fire inflammation

    Dangers of Inflammation

    Inflammation is the body’s natural health response to injury or infection. It is a defence mechanism that triggers your immune system to begin the healing process. When the inflammation response is working properly, your body heals, and the inflammation stops. This is known as acute inflammation; the injury and infection heal after a short amount of time, rarely more than a few weeks. If the immune system fails to fix the initial problem, it causes an on-going immune system reaction where the body continues sending out inflammatory cells and substances, even though there is no injury or infection. In addition to injury and infection, chronic inflammation can also be caused…

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  • detox juices

    The Confusing World of Detoxing

    Detox, detox, detox! It seems every time January comes along, everyone’s talking about the best detox diets, supplements and programs that we all must be doing if we want to be fitter, healthier and leaner. It’s confusing and overwhelming to know where to begin and if they will even do what they claim. The first thing to bear in mind is that we are all different and unique, what might work well for one person may not have the same desired results for another. If you don’t enjoy or get on well with raw food, don’t consider doing a raw food cleanse because you think it’s good for you. There…

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  • gut love

    Bespoke Gut Healing Through the Microbiome

    We are all about matching holistic health services with the specific needs of each client here at Holistic Room. If two people are suffering with the same symptoms or condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the same treatment will help them both. We are all unique, our bodies needs are unique so the path to healing will invariably be unique to each person. We believe in finding the right protocol or practitioner who can support your specific needs to health and vitality. However, research is showing us time and time again that paying attention to a specific system in the body, can yield positive results for many people suffering from…

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