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Hello, my name is Aiga, and I am a Certified Scenar Therapist and fully Insured.
My holistic health approach has started many years ago due to the health of my daughter. Regular visits to the doctors and enormous prescriptions of antibiotics made me to start looking into alternative medicine.
From then my first choice always will be homeopathy. I believe that orthodox medicine weakens the body and immune system. Complementary or alternative medicine is the way to maintain health without disturbing the natural flora in the body.
I offer "Scenar therapy" - Scenar is a modern technology device and stands for:
It can be used to help both acute and chronic pain.
I have been trained by one of the Scenar inventor:
Professor Alexander Revenko, by Dr. Galina Subbotina and Dr. Lena Subbotina.
Academy A.Revenko

“Can Scenar Therapy help me?”
This is the question I hear the most.

Scenar Therapy is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and one of the best examples of refloxotherapy methods. It is electrotherapy.
The effect of SCENAR Therapy gives 90% (in 60% of cases it provides complete clinical recovery, and in 30% — produces positive dynamics).

Also, I offer Swedish Massage treatment
Benefits of massage:
-Stimulates blood flow to nourish skin
-Reduces join strain and compression
-Improves muscle tone
-Reduces nervous tension
-Normalises the breathing pattern through relaxation
-Increases the circulation of lymph
-Balances the body and homeostasis regulating hormones
-Lowers the blood pressure ... and much more

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