Kevin Allagapen | Therapy-Nutrition

Nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health are all interconnected, and my approach is tailored to each individual.
I work with men and women to achieve their health goals by analysing their eating habits and developing a nutritional plan to improve their overall health.
I am offering a variety of services to help you improve your overall health, including one-on-one consultations, meal plans, and educational sessions.

By offering an educational approach, I encourage clients to be health conscious in the long term by understanding the root causes of their symptoms and illnesses. I strive to empower clients to make healthy choices and become more aware of their body’s needs.

Some of the main conditions we can work on:
- Weight management
- Gut health & inflammatory condition support
- Chronic Fatigue & Energy Level
- Nutrition program for healthy ageing
- Detoxification & skin nutrition plan
- PCOS - Polycystic ovary syndrome
- Hormone balance.

Qualification: Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist dipCNM
Register: mBANT, mANP, mCNHC

Location: Online and Onsite (Central London)
Languages: English and French
Working days: Monday to Saturday

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