Amanda came into Kinesiology in 1993 from a background of practitioner and teacher of McTimoney-Corley chiropractic. She has a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge behind her and has been teaching Kinesiology since 1996.

Amanda won an FHT Excellence in Education for her teaching. Article published in International Therapists January 2014 on Amanda

In 2013 Amanda trained and became certified as an Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner.

She uses her training as a Chiropractor alongside the kinesiology and the Body Code to work with clients, helping her to look at things from different angles.

Amanda believes that if every aspect of your life is brought into balance, that is, your nutritional, physical, emotional, psychological aspects and on top of this your home then you can live life with much fewer stresses and get on with just enjoying each moment of each day!

Amanda was Head of Health Kinesiology (from 2007-2012) in the UK and the Head of International Health Kinesiology Training and resigned from these positions so she can concentrate on her clients and family.

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