ADB Nutrition

I help with weight loss, hormonal balance, gut health and sleep/stress management.

I am a qualified health coach and nutritionist. I am a part-time BSc Biomedical science student (here is my passion for science).

I am a mother of three kids: a five-year-old, a three-year-old and a little three-month-old. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease back in 2019 and after experiencing weight gain, mood swings and struggling with fatigue, I went on a mission to improve my own health. From being low on energy and fatigued, I am now a healthy and energetic mom of three. My own journey motivated me to study nutrition and help women to overcome their symptoms and find their own definition of healthy.

After obtaining the required qualifications I am now working as a health coach and nutritionist. I enjoy helping women to gain back control over their own health through nutrition.

My long-term ambition is to do a Master and PhD in nutrition to be able to do my own research and to teach future generations about the power of nutritional therapy.

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