Reiki for Stress Relief
Relieve stress: Reiki energy may bring deep relaxation, calm the mind and reduce negative feelings.
Cope with life’s challenges: Reiki may be helpful in promoting peace of mind, clarity and focus.
I create a safe, healing place during a Distance Reiki session. I have been successfully practicing Distance Reiki since 2017. Even though I have had ‘healing hands’ from an early age, I have been consciously following my natural intuition am now a Reiki Master.
‘Reiki’ is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, a vital energy that flows through and nurtures all living things. Reiki can help to realign the body, clear obstructions & strengthen the flow of energy.
Reiki Symbols act as a conduit to direct the healing Reiki energy to you. The energy transferral of this Distance Healing doesn’t differ from ‘direct, hands-on’ Reiki therapy.
I also offer Reiki intended for pain relief. 

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