George Harris-Jones Dip BA (Hons) MAMH

My practice: is a combination of therapies: Western Herbal medicine, Iridology, Naturopathy and Ayurveda. In the first consultation I will take your medical history, current medical issues, go though your body systems, family history, your diet, and current medications. I use clinical observation, where I take your pulse, blood pressure if needed, do tongue inspection, irides analysis and look at your skin health.

Then I will analyse your case using both biomedical and energetic information and give you suggestions of herbal formula, diet recommendations and naturopathic techniques. I will advise you on any lifestyle changes that need working on and will encourage and coach you with these.

Usually in the first consultation I suggest you do my detox kit regime, this includes and detox tea, digestive bitters tincture and intestinal cleanse capsules.

In the second session I will make you up a personalise herbal tincture or herbal powder, this will have a more personalised physiological effect on your in personal case. These treatments will usually take a few months to show improvements or a bit longer depending on the severity of your condition.

I offer an Iridology report service, where I use an iris scope to photograph each iris and analyse the data and write a report for of your individual case, this usually takes 3 weeks. This is very helpful for your specific healing purposes and for your own constitutional awareness.

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