Great Health Naturally

I am a naturopathic nutritionist that offers the following services:

Nutrition + Lifestyles Consultation – Specialist areas include; sleep issues, digestive health, women’s health, achieving a healthy weight, preconception plans for those struggling to get pregnant naturally or those simply wishing to give their baby the healthiest start in life, skin health, allergies/intolerances and a general health MOT.

First Consultation 1 hour: £40
Follow up: 30 minutes: R20

Meal Plans – Meal plans help create structure and so it is an excellent way to start eating healthily. Eating according to a meal plan helps begin forming new healthy habits and adhering to one can have a powerful effect on your health including how you sleep and feel mentally.
Each meal plan is individually created based on likes, dislikes and any known allergies, health conditions and intolerances and comes with a handy shopping list that is broken down into 'aisles' making it even simpler to buy your healthy food when you get to the supermarket or order your food online.

On sale now for £16 per meal plan until end of 2020
(was £32)

NB*Meal plans are not included in any consultations)

Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition (The College of Natural Nutrition, UK)
Currently studying with the AFMMP (Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Program, UK)
Currently studying as a Psychology of Eating Coach with the Centre of Excellence, UK

Time In Clinical Practise:
9 years

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To find out more or to make a booking please email:
Instagram: @greathealthnaturally

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