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Hello. I’m Ian.

I qualified in the YMCA Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist diploma in 2014/2015 at south Devon college, Brixham. I’d been doing Massage Therapy since learning some basic skills on my sport and coaching sciences degree at Bournemouth University in 2004, and wanted to be a Massage Therapist but I took the long way round as I worked on Superyachts for 6 years (on and off) where I did continue Massaging crew mates onboard who were suffering or struggling with physical issues. But that is no more. Now massage is my primary career, and my definition of success is making people feel great through massage. I bring peace, relaxation and well-being.

I know first hand the tremendous benefits that massage can give you. Quite apart from any medical benefits, it simply makes you feel good. But it also reduces anxiety, improves mood, and reduces muscular aches and pains built up from the stress and hubbub of everyday life. Massage is really about keeping your body in balance and good health.

Stress or tension can accumulate and be held within the body. When it builds up and isn’t dissipated, it can cause problems, pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines and other illnesses. Stress, I believe, isn’t just something we have to put up with – we’re not supposed to be holding tension all the time. A massage is a nurturing, caring treatment, designed to restore you to yourself, both mentally and physically.

Since qualifying I’ve done several course to further my knowledge and increase the services I can offer you. These include: Deep Tissue Massage to further enhance my Sport Massage Therapy, Head Massage which has been really beneficial for treating clients who suffer with headaches or migraines as my Head Massage can relive or eliminate them both, improves sleep patterns and contributes to mental well being, and I am a qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist where I am trained in helping through the entire ‘Pregnancy Journey’ from helping couples to conceive using Massage techniques and reflexology, through to Massaging the Mums to be from a week after conception up to and including labour and post Pregnancy Massage, which has numerous benefits to the mother and the foetus and it helps reach equilibrium through reflexology and specific Massage Techniques which reduces or erase
morning sickness, ankle swelling and fluid retention/build up in the body and connects the mother to her baby.

Im based in Exeter and offer treatments in my studio at home or I have a Mobile Massage ’set up’ where I can come to your chosen location to do your treatments there.

To book your appointment get in touch and we’ll work out the details for it.

Many Thanks,
Ian Harnett Massage Therapist (BSc Hons)

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