Somatic movement is an effective form of neuromuscular re-education therapy that goes directly to the root cause of:- tension headaches, TMJ, neck, shoulder, upper, lower back, hip and leg pain.
Bones don’t move without muscles and muscles are controlled by NS ( nervous system) We build up more muscle tension as we age, so the earlier you start retraining your NS the better. Resuming Voluntary control of your muscles improving bodily functions.
Every body is unique and everybody can do Somatics.
Learning these series of specific and slowly executed movement techniques will teach you how to release and relax muscles that inhibit your movement causing pain. You will learn a library of tools that will continue to help you manage or stay out of pain improving your posture and functional movement throughout your life.
This is an active therapy in that you use your brain and nervous system with mindful movement in order to change yourself and not passive; eg. taking pills, hands on massage, physio etc.
Full info of movements emailed after session:
Assessment session 75.00 for 90mins . progressive sessions as required 60.00 per hr.

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