Maria Ciaccio

I have worked as a qualified complementary and alternative therapist for 25 years. As a complementary and alternative therapist I qualified as a:
* Classical homeopath (London College of Classical Homoeopathy)
* Reiki Therapist (Usui Method)
* Scarwork Therapist (Sharon Wheeler Scarwork Therapy).
* BowTech (Bowen Technique ) (UK Bowen Technique Association)
* Healer (National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH))

My clients can expect to be received into a safe, private and healing therapeutic space and treated with dignity and respect at all times. Together we look at an individualised approach to your treatment to empower you to make the changes you need to make in your life with the support you need on whatever level you need it.

My experience, knowledge and skills in general and mental health nursing gained within the NHS enables me to give my clients a balanced overview of the options available to them from both the conventional medical perspective and also complementary and alternative medicine. I also work collaboratively with a counsellor and cognitive behaviour therapist and can refer you to her for any acute or long-term psychological issues if required.

I have recently qualified as a scarwork therapist and can now, together with Bowen Technique, treat surgical or trauma scars that are painful, swollen, tight, rigid, have lumps, bumps & dips, feel numb, over sensitive or Itchy, restrict movement or stuck down. Surgical incisions caused by orthopaedic, abdominal, facial or cancer surgery can all be treated.

I am currently working towards developing as a Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy Therapist to address root cause issues with this phenomenal therapeutic technique. Case studies for this treatment are welcomed for my training course simply contact me to acknowledge your interest.

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