My name is Mei Flynn and I am a Holistic Confidence Coach and use a range of different psychological and spiritual techniques to work with clients on different issues such as relationships, confidence, career, health, abundance etc.

My first introduction to the power of the Law of Attraction was the book by Louise Hay who wrote 'You Can Heal Your Life.' I realized I was trying to change the outside world and everyone else rather than exploring my thinking....truly liberating!!

How do I work with you? I help you to look at root causes of issues, i.e. when they started to clear any underlying blocks to help you to move forward and make positive changes your life...powerful process to declutter!!

I discovered this work after suffering for many years from low self-confidence due to a debilitating stutter, and I have also experienced many major life changes such as divorce, career change and living an expat life in different countries.

I love working with clients individually as well as running small group workshops and training programmes. During my time in Sri Lanka I ran Motivational Training Programs and Coaching for United Nations employees to empower them to achieve personal and professional goals.

If you're ready for change I'm here to guide and support you and change is possible!! You know what they say - Do what you've always done, get what you'll always get.

I look forward to connecting with you,

Mei xx

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