I am passionate about Natural healing methods that empower you as an individual. I know first hand of the curative powers of Herbs, Homeopathy and Naturopathic methods. I also have studied the energy centres and pathways and energy in general and know how powerful the mind /body/ spirit connection is.

I can help clients understand their own limiting beliefs and help their energy centres flow, giving them more energy, vitality and empowerment. Each one of us is unique so rather than follow a set, prescribed method, I help and mentor each individual find their own way through diet, nutrition, energy flows, homeopathy, tissue salts, right thinking, knowledge and correction of your own limiting beliefs, detox and the healing energy of Love and Balance. My experience is an amalgamation of years of studying with my own spiritual mentors and teachers and finding out what works for everyone. This corresponds with fundamental and universal, spiritual Truths which is the basis of what I do as a Healing guide.

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