Phoenix Holistic Health UK Ltd

Phoenix Holistic Health UK Ltd provides alternative health practices of Homeopathy, Angelic Reiki and Mindset coaching by Lesley Ford in Gloucestershire.
Lesley has been a post graduate Homeopath for 15 years. Angelic Reiki has now been added to the practice this year and also Mindset Coaching - which works on your self belief system and re-adjusts your inner beliefs that may have been holding you back from achieving in life. This technique that is now endorsed by top brain surgeons can work on any area of your life, whether it be dieting, or work related problems or family/relationship problems, it works through the gamma brain waves on your unconscious state and allows you the freedom to achieve in your conscious state. This therapy is not hypnosis and the client is awake and fully aware throughout the whole consultation.
Consultations can be done via Zoom or phone call if patients cannot get to clinic.

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