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Hello! If you are reading this we are already on the same page! You are looking for a way forward away from whatever is causing you pain or holding you back, and I am looking to show you the way.

I help women and young people who are struggling with stress and anxiety, and are sick and tired of feeling this way, but have no idea how to get past this. Stress and anxiety has been stopping them from doing the things they really want. Holding them back in their careers, their relationships, their goals and dreams.

I help them release the root cause of their stress and anxiety so they can live life happier, calmer lives and be in control.

Do the following resonate with you?

Can’t relax
Feel overwhelmed and on edge
Preoccupied with repetitive negative thoughts
Difficulty in doing simple tasks
Doubting yourself or your decisions
Always criticising yourself or others
Feel guilty and worthless
Waking up worrying at night
Avoiding difficult situations

Physically you may feel:

Snappy and irritable
Constantly angry, upset, confused, tearful
Withdrawing from activities
Smoking, drinking or eating too much
Poor concentration and memory
Putting things off
Heaviness in your chest or palpitations
If so then your stress and anxiety are in control of your life , not you!

Teens and Young People:

Teens and Young people are growing , evolving so quickly and undergoing stresses that are unique to them. They face challenges which we cannot fathom or grasp, especially if they are unable to open up about them and talk. They may need an independent, non judgemental and supporting adult to listen to them, to allay their fears, and help them to let go of the stress or anxiety they feel, so they can feel happy again. If not kept in check, these stresses can become part of a longstanding lifelong issue, which continues to hold them back.

Some of the challenges they may face may be:

Parents divorcing or don't understand them
Family issues that they can't discuss,
Home pressures or health effecting schoolwork
Juggling responsibilities in a single parent family or as a carer ​
Constant study and exam pressure from family and school
Shyness preventing them making friends
Loneliness or difficulty fitting in
Anxiety, sadness, panic attacks
Difficult decisions, future choices around college, university or careers
Worries around living away or making new friends
Worries over appearance or relationships

How I work

When we work together, you will find a confidential, non-judgemental space, which is safe and relaxed and offers my complete support as a recognised coach with all the credentials and ethical support you need. My coaching is a proactive, solution-focused approach and you’ll find my style to be compassionate and up-lifting. I use a combination of three techniques, nlp, hypnotherapy and life coaching which together are immensely powerful and rapid in their effects.

Through my sessions :

You’ll discover the real root cause of your stress and anxiety
You’ll learn how to release the root cause, and your stress and anxiety
Once resolved, the stress and anxiety will disappear from your life
You will feel in complete control of your life and your well-being again

If you want to discuss how I work further, I offer a free 20 minute Consultation. So ring to find out how to free yourself from the hold that stress and anxiety has had on you, and finally discover that peace within.

Raina Kalhan

**** During the COVID 19 Pandemic, stresses and anxiety are even more heightened. So I am offering a free 25min talk and relax session related to the virus for the next month at least...please get in touch to find out more******

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A Few Testimonials:

Nlp has helped me a lot. I use the techniques a lot when I need to calm down or if I’m not feeling at my best. I have been able to see a change in my behaviour when I am in arguments I remember that it helps me. I was also able to find the confidence to leave my old friend group and find a new better one. Although there were things that helped me before like drawing, I could still feel the anger inside of me because I wasn’t able to talk about it with anyone, so when I had the choice, it made me feel better as I don’t really like to express my emotions to my family.Talking to someone who understood , listened was good for me as before I felt like I was alone.. Even after stopping Nlp(sessions), for a while I still continued to use the tecniques and they still continue to help me ..so thank you

AF (14 year old girl)


"Raina has been thoroughly professional and empathic in her approach. She has enabled me to quickly focus on the key issues that have been holding me back and has helped me see my career with fresh eyes. Her process has given me clarity on what I need to do to achieve my career and personal goals and the steps I need to take.” J.P


"I was feeling stuck during a period of my life where I needed a big change. Raina worked with me and got me to look at things from different perspectives, and work through them in a structured way. She helped me see that I needed to take time for myself, and to realise that rest was as necessary for success as hard work. It was whilst on a break to Chicago that I made my decision to return home to my family in Australia, and relocate my job. As soon as I made my decision, I felt as though a weight had been lifted and I had a huge sense of personal satisfaction.

Thanks again for your kindness and help Raina, it’s really meant a lot and, it seems it was just what I needed.” Mel

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