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Cystitis is an inflammatory infection in the urinary bladder, which affects mainly women. Cystitis is known to be caused by bruising of the bladder during sexual intercourse (Traumatic cystitis), by E.Coli and Staphylococcus bacterial infection (Bacterial cystitis), side effects of cancer radiation treatment (Radiation cystitis) and injury to the bladder (Interstitial cystitis).



Some experts are of the opinion that cystitis may be a genetic problem. It is more common in women ad can be caused by the use of an ill-fitting diaphragm that prevents proper emptying of the bladder. In this case, bacteria will multiply and cause cystitis. More commonly, the bacteria that are present in the anus travel to the bladder causing this problem and it can happen during sexual intercourse or while inserting tampons. Post menopause, the women may have thinner bladder lining that is more prone to infection and damage. In such cases, women could have cystitis. In men, an enlarged prostate gland may give rise to this condition.



The symptoms of cystitis are pain during urination. The person may have a burning sensation while passing urine. A frequent and an urgent need to urinate can also be a symptom of cystitis. A person may have lower back pain or an abdominal pain that could be an indicator of cystitis. Vomiting, fever with chills, traces of blood in the urine, foul smelling or dark coloured urine and extreme tiredness may possibly be other symptoms of cystitis.


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The doctor will diagnose the condition of cystitis after making a study of the symptoms of the patient. The doctor may also do a routine physical examination of the patient. The doctor may also ask the patient to go in for urine test or urine culture to make a definitive evaluation of the condition. In serious or repetitive cases, the doctor may recommend other tests or procedures to be performed to assess the situation of the patient.



For treating cystitis, the doctors prescribe a course of antibiotics to the patient for a certain time period. The course may depend on the severity of the problem. However bacterial Cystitis can be remedied through various natural therapies. The treatment will vary depending on the patient’s immune system.

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