Information about Holistic Room

How it works


User profiles and practitioner profiles are important because they build trust within the community. The more complete your profile is, the easier it is to create transparency and allow users to make easier decisions on whether you are the right practitioner for them. User profiles are important too, users can keep track of their bookings and review their treatments once complete, all adding to an enriched and informed community. 


If you are a natural health practitioner, Sign Up, verify your email and then subscribe by selecting the 'Therapist Listing' button at the top right hand corner of the site. You will then be approved by an administrator before you can start listing the services you offer. When completed, your listing will be checked and again approved by an administrator and you will be notified by email once it is live on the site. Don't worry, we are very responsive so will have you up and running in no time! Membership to Holistic Room costs just £4.99 a month or take advantage of a £9.89 discount by subscribing for an annual membership of £49.99. You are able to add as many listings as you wish. If a therapy you practice is not listed on the site, please send an email to and we will add it to the site as quickly as possible. 


If you are looking to find a local practitioner that specialises in a particular therapy or condition, you can search using location or preferred therapy on the homepage and review the practitioners who are available to support you. You can contact them and make a booking to see them directly on our platform for free. Registration is required to send messages to practitioners and to make bookings, but this takes only a minute and then you are good to go!


We are working hard to become the largest online platform for natural health practitioners in the UK. If you are unable to find a particular practitioner local to you, drop us a note at and we will ensure that we target that area in particular and get some highly qualified practitioners onboard as quickly as possible, so please do keep checking back with us!