New Practitioner Spotlight – HydroWellbeing – Veronica Anya – Hydrotherapy – London & Luton

Treatment room for Hydrotherapy

What therapies do you practice?

Colon Hydrotherapy

What led you to do what you do?

I’ve always suffered with constipation and IBS, Colon Hydrotherapy saved my life as I was starting to become very ill. Once I did a deep cleanse which I now share with my client’s in conjunction with a colonic treatment, my life changed overnight! No more years of suffering and having a bloated stomach and my depression got better too, I was a different person! It’s written that our gut is our second brain and if that’s not functioning properly everything gets turned upside down, I am grateful that I was able to find this holistic treatment as the doctors had no clue what to do. This experience led me to feel that I wanted to help other people with the same problems, and I have! I take pride in what I do and when my clients are happy, I know I’ve done my job ❤️

What’s the best thing about doing the work you do?

Seeing my client’s smile and say, “wow I feel much better!” I always follow up with my clients a few days later to check on them, they report that they are still  feeling great from the benefits of the treatment, sometimes it takes more than one treatment for stubborn constipation or some problems and that’s why I do a great package deal with a probiotic implant. There is also a deep cleanse available, get in contact for more details ♥️


To find out more about colon hydrotherapy and how Veronica can help you feeling great again, please visit or visit her profile to contact her and make a booking.


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