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    What is Baby Reflex?

    Reflexology is not just for adults! Babies and toddlers can benefit from reflexology too. For younger children, it may help with issues concerning feeding and digestion, calming, sleeping or teething. It also offers a way for parents and grandparents to help babies and toddlers naturally by giving them the tools to do so. Susie Ray is a reflexologist who runs Baby Reflex workshops, so you can learn how to administer reflexology on your little ones at home. The workshops run for 4 weeks and cover feeding and digestion, sleeping and comforting and wellbeing. The last week is self care for mums or dads and to give time if anyone wants…

  • Is holistic health and wellbeing right for you?

    Is holistic health and wellbeing right for you?

    An increasing number of people are embracing holistic health services now more than ever. The pandemic has highlighted the need to maintain good health, address certain health issues or generally work on boosting the immune system. Healthcare needs to move more towards a patient centred approach as opposed to the current symptom centred model that does not address the needs of the patient holistically. While conventional healthcare practices are essential for acute and in emergency situations, there are other options for long standing and chronic conditions. Here are some case studies which demonstrate how a holistic approach changed patients’ lives. Female, aged 32 – upper and lower gastrointestinal symptoms for…

  • Practitioner Spotlight – Vanya Maksimova @Plant Powered Kitchen – Nutritional Therapy – London

    What therapies do you practice? Nutritional Therapy   What led you to do what you do? My success in healing my own body and I’ve always been passionate about helping people.   What’s the best thing about doing the work you do? Seeing the progress in my clients journey. It’s very rewarding.     To find out more about Vanya and how she can help you, visit her listing and contact her here.   Are you ready for greater health and wellbeing? Search Holistic Room for qualified holistic health practitioners for your unique needs, or email us at support@holisticroom.com and we’ll get back to you promptly.