What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural therapy came from America and Aaron Beck. It is based on the belief that the way we think and behave in the here and now affects the way we feel and our quality of life. The thoughts we get daily have not just popped up from nowhere but come from many years of instances of negative life experiences that have created what we call subconscious beliefs about either ourselves, the world or people. These underlying beliefs then without us knowing will affect how we see our life day to say and deal with problems in our life We can also have positive life experiences that can make us deal with problems more healthily and have a healthy quality of life.

However, the clients we see in therapy tend to be for people who have anxiety and or depression therefore their thoughts and behaviours will be unhealthy and will be reinforcing their mood state.

CBT helps to look at a person’s current thoughts and behaviours and works on skills and techniques to modify them for a better outcome in mood. We also look at the past as far back as childhood if the client wishes to, identify if there are any underling beliefs that are affecting them in the here and now and the we work on these as well.

The therapy is about exploration, identifying, challenging, practising and experimenting with the process of a person thinking and behaviours to make positive change.

We use techniques such as thought challenging behavioural activation, Exposure work etc. to overcome the feelings of depression and anxiety.

For the client therapy CBT can be really positive and also fun at times especially when we experiment with the behaviours of a client.

It is a therapy that is about talking and doing but at your pace and your level and what you wish to work on.

It looks at treating any form of anxiety from PTSD, social, anxiety, phobias, hypochondria, Generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, Depression.

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