New Practitioner Spotlight – Rodrigues Relaxation – Holistic Massage | Sports Massage | Reflexology | Indian Head Massage – Bristol


What therapies do you practice?
  • Holistic Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
What led you to do what you do?

My motivation to become a therapist was my love of people and the desire to help reduce clients’ stress levels. I enjoy various sports, such as sailing, swimming, yoga, boxing and tandem riding. The physical aspect and style of my massage makes being a massage therapist the perfect job.

What’s the best thing about doing the work you do?

There is no better job satisfaction than witnessing my clients change from a metaphorical cocoon into a butterfly during their treatment!


To contact Sally for more information on how she can help you, visit her listing here, or by visiting her website here.


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