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Naturopathic Health Practitioner

My Personalised Health and Nutritional Programs are perfect for you if you:

  • Feel tired all the time
  • Have digestive issues
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Are struggling to lose weight

What to Expect

  • Before the first consultation, I will ask you to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire as well as a three day diet diary to return to me before our appointment.

  • The initial consultation is a 90 minute session in which I will take a detailed case history including all your current health concerns, symptoms in every system of the body, lifestyle and physical activity, as well as an in-depth diet analysis.

  • I will then send you a written plan with tailored diet and lifestyle suggestions, supplement recommendations, sample breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as recipes for inspiration. Depending on the severity of symptoms I may also suggest some testing to be carried out by your GP or privately.

  • Follow-up consultations are generally four weeks after, where we will monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation.

  • In order to best understand your health issues and goals, I strongly encourage clients to work with me for a minimum of 3 sessions

  • This will give us time to get to the root cause of your health concern, introduce a new eating plan, consider the right supplements and biochemical tests, if necessary.

  • The follow-up sessions give us a chance to review your progress and implement any further changes.

  • I find that this is the best way to create new habits and achieve the best results.

Results you could expect to see

  • Having plenty of energy throughout the day
  • Losing those stubborn few pounds so that you can feel vibrant
  • Optimising your digestion and say goodbye to bloating, constipation or other digestive discomforts
  • Quality sleep and feeling refreshed upon rising

New Client Package includes

  • 90 minute first consultation
  • 2 x 45 minutes sessions
  • Personalised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
  • Email support throughout


First Consultation 90 minutes £120
Follow up sessions 45 minutes £90

I offer REMOTE THERAPIES and see my clients over Zoom

  • You will receive a bespoke plan unique to your body and lifestyle and have continued support throughout our journey together, so that you can walk away feeling like the best version of yourself

  • If you’re ready to feel empowered and back in control of your health book a free 30 minute discovery call with me

Qualifications: CNM,dip

Contact Details

Website (https://mindbodyemotion.co.uk)

Email: (angela@mindbodyemotion.co.uk)

Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/mindbodyemotion.reconnected/)

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