Suzanne Zacharia Tells Us Why She Loves Using EFT Tapping For Anxiety

Every now and then, I search the internet for a method better than EFT. And for sure, if someone with anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia approaches me for EFT Tapping, I would advise them to do the extremely gentle Reiki with me instead, as their bodies would just be extremely sensitive, and only the very gentlest method will do. But most people with anxiety just have anxiety, or anxiety and depression, or anxiety with complex PTSD, for example, and so most people with anxiety can make an amazing recovery using EFT Tapping.

Anyway, my latest internet search brought up the following. Whilst all are great in conjunction with EFT Tapping, I am just so glad we no longer only have this list as ways of recovery. As an ex-sufferer of anxiety, I can certainly vouch for that.

  • Medication – most of my clients cannot wait to safely come off medication, and in some cases, they are taken off medication when they still need help. Whilst medication is sometimes necessary, as deemed by the medical practitioner, people who want to be truly free of the condition wish to be completely free, not merely drugging the anxiety away. They quote side effects and just wanting to be more natural. I am a strong supporter of the medical route when needed, however, people that come to me want off the medication if at all possible.
  • Relaxation of muscles, whether by a specific muscle relaxation exercise, or via massage, for example.
  • Avoidance of triggers. We live in the real world, and some triggers cannot be avoided. For example, going to work may be a trigger for some. What are they supposed to do, become unemployed?
  • Do tasks for others, like helping in the community, fund-raising for a charity, helping feed the homeless at soup kitchens, etc. But what to do when back at home at night with nothing but your thoughts?
  • Talk-only therapy. I have personally not found this helpful at all, although others have been comforted by it. It is very useful as a starting tool to help people get better insights on the cause-and-effect of their past and their present feelings; that they are not going mad but are reacting normally to abnormal situations.

So, do you know someone with anxiety that can do with some more help in the right direction? Please send them to my – where they can download a free guide that explains EFT Tapping in easy layman’s terms and gives a few simple taster trials, so that the reader can rest assured that this is safe and normal to do. The last thing any anxiety sufferer needs is insecurity and doubt. Reading and sampling discreetly in your own time and space is empowering.


Suzanne is an EFT Tapping Master Practitioner & Trainer, she has beeb helping people step into their own power since 1999.

For bookings visit Suzanne’s listing here or if you would like to learn how to practice EFT so you can help others, details of courses that Suzanne runs can be found here.


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