Read about Linda’s inspirational story, from receiving a cancer diagnosis, to thriving to now helping others

Linda Curtis, a Holistic Room practitioner talks about her journey from being diagnosed with cancer, healing and now using her knowledge and experience to help others who are going through their own cancer journeys.


What was your life like before you were diagnosed with Thyroid cancer?

I was very emotional prior to being diagnosed and struggled for years with gut troubles and anxiety, not knowing that this very well could have been attributed to a ‘faulty thyroid’. I had always been a fairly healthy eater but always seemed to struggle with bloating as mentioned.


What was your emotional state like when you received the diagnosis?

When I received the diagnosis, I took the news pretty hard. I was all alone in a foreign country (I was studying in London, and moved from my homestate of California after all) and received the diagnosis on my own. And even though the doctors said repeatedly that this is the ‘good cancer’ to get, I still felt incredibly anxious, shocked, scared and alone.


Did you go down the conventional treatment route? Or did you go completely alternative from the start?

I firmly believe in an integrative approach. What that means is I feel strongly that it is incredibly important to eradicate any tumour(s) and then work holistically to continue to keep cancer markers down. I had a total thyroidectomy and a tracer dose of Radioactive iodide but have continued to keep my markers down with nutrition and lifestyle changes and have refused further radiation. What’s important to remember is that once you have cancer, your likelihood of getting a secondary cancer is quite high so it’s incredibly important to stay diligent, proactive and mindful after treatment.


Did you find any part of your transformation a struggle?

No for the most part, I adapted to the plant-based and holistic lifestyle with joy and enthusiasm because I found the process incredibly intriguing and life-affirming. I completely understand that the change for many can be entirely overwhelming and difficult and at times it was for me. But after 6 years I can say I have absolutely enjoyed the process. 


What natural treatments did you use as part of your recovery?

There are many that I utilised, notably detoxification, supplements, the role in moving lymph via rebounding, yoga, meditation/mindfulness, fasting, acupuncture, the use of medicinal mushrooms and Traditional Chinese Medicine…these I frequently incorporate in my practice.


What specifically made you want to become a Holistic Health Coach? Was it based on your personal transformation? Or was there a certain point where you thought, I need to start helping others in this way…

For me, it was all about wanting to help others, after my own diagnosis. I have been immersed in the cancer community since 2014, and I have learned so much and have met so many wonderful individuals and it was all about helping those navigate their way. I also have a Psychology background and along with that, my mother worked in senior services for about 40 years up until retirement, and my father, a psychiatrist —so you could say helping people is in my blood!


Tell us about the clients you treat?

I help empower women who have gone through cancer or are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis, with a holistic mind/body approach and a plant-based lifestyle. I work with them to encourage healthier food choices, prioritising foods that are anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and full of phytonutrients. We also work together in addressing the role of detoxification and work on limiting intake of toxins in diet and in personal care products. Furthermore, we address mental and emotional well-being and using practices like mindfulness and meditation. In summary, we use a holistic approach to help nourish the body after cancer.


How does it feel to support people on their journey to health?

I absolutely love it –it’s what  I was born to do. There’s no greater feeling than being of service to others. 


To find out more about the services Linda offers, visit her profile here.



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